IFB 25 litres Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 25 litres Convection Microwave Oven (25SC4, Metallic Silver)

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Cook different dishes everyday and warm your food in a fraction of seconds with the metallic silver hue IFB 25 Litres 25SC4 convection microwave oven. It comes with a unique keep warm feature, which keeps your food warm at a constant temperature. With this setting, the microwave will consume low power pulse, keeping the food warm without overcooking it. You can activate this setting for a maximum of 90 minutes duration. Cook your meals before going to office and you can put the food in this microwave for warming, and while you relax your food will be ready for serving. You will no longer have to time and stand in the kitchen for warming your food. Use this setting to avoid over heating or cooking and have a delicious meal. Just the way heating food is a breeze with this IFB microwave oven you can also defrost food items easily. It comes with the weight defrost option. If you are uncertain for how long you need to defrost a particular item, simply type the weight and the food item and this microwave will manage the rest. Soaking vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items for long hours before cooking will no longer be required.


Enjoy multiple cooking modes and 26 auto cook menu options with this IFB microwave. In the multi- stage cooking mode, you can cook a dish using microwave, convection and grill mode. The built-in memory in this microwave can store up to three levels cooking, at once. This enables you to prepare dishes, which require cooking in multiple modes and it also saves time. You can use grill and microwave or convection and microwave setting, simultaneously. There are also 26 auto cook menu options. You can select the food item you want to try, prepare the ingredients, place it inside the cavity, and select the dish in the menu option and weight. While, you sit back and enjoy your favourite TV soap, this microwave convection oven will prepare your meal. Easy to use, it also comes with the quick start option. For using the microwave option, you can select the weight and push the quick start button. You can also regulate the temperature settings according to your requirement. You can regulate among 10 temperature settings varying from 110-220 degree Celsius. There is also the option of auto reheat, 10 power levels and cooling feature. With this best microwave convection oven, you get one year manufacturer warranty and three years warranty on the magnetron and cavity.

Many Convenient Options

With this IFB convection microwave oven, you get many convenient options, which makes cooking easy. While, it provides you with different modes and settings, and auto cook menu options for quick and easy cooking experience, it also comes with options that makes its use safe and maintenance easy. Featuring child lock, you can put any dish for cooking and comfortably manage other chores leaving your child unattended. After you select the required menu option, switch on the child lock feature to prevent your little one from hurting himself or changing the settings. It also prevents you from accidentally changing the settings. After cooking, if you are worried about how to clean oven, then it will not be a problem. It comes with deodorise and steam clean option. With deodorise option, food particles, which settle on the heater during cooking process get burnt. This keeps the grill elements clean and the microwave germ and odour-free. You can cook grilled fish and chicken tikka easily in this microwave without worrying about the after-smell and grease. Equipped with steam clean function, tough, greasy stains will be cleansed instantly with the steam and there will be a refreshing lemon fragrance inside the microwave. Other convenience features include stainless steel cavity, LED display, clock and timer option. It also has safety features like sensor malfunction and overheating protection.


Cook many and different dishes comfortably when you buy this IFB convection microwave oven. It can be a perfect addition in every household. Easy to use and maintain, you can cook an array of dishes quickly with minimal effort in this 25 Litres microwave.

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Product Category Microwave Oven Product Type Convection | Grill
Product Functions Baking | Cooking | Defrosting | Grilling | Heating | Roasting Capacity 25 Litres

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Brand IFB Model Series 25SC4
Model Number 25SC4
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